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June 8, 2016
This years Josie Awards will be at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville on Sept. 18th.. Hope to see some of you from the stage!

May, 2016
Country Blast Radio has won New Music Weekly Magazines Favorite Internet Radio Station of the Year!

January 21, 2016
I am now the host of a new radio show on Country Blast Radio called ROCKIN COUNTRY. Tune in Monday nights at 9pm eastern at or

January 2, 2016
Hourly rates on computer services will not increase this year, staying at $50.00 per hour (on hourly rate jobs).


Alan has been in broadcasting and computer repair for many years. In 2009, he returned to radio, helping a young 14 year old start her first internet podcast. This podcast became an instant success, turning into a full fledged weekly radio show called The Josie Show (

Alan serves as a consultant, engineer, on-air personality, director, and associate producer on the Josie show to this day. The Josie Show has been nominated and has won many awards over the years, and is currently syndicated on stations world-wide.

Not long after the Josie Show began, the show wasn't enough to house all the music coming at us from the new, and indie artists we were promoting, and a radio station was born, Country Blast Radio (, Where Alan serves as associate producer, engineer, consultant, assistant program director, and co-producer.

Even this was not enough, as a new radio show, a spin-off of the Josie Show, has started called Rockin Country ( hosted by Alan, along with Josie Show regulars Josie Passantino and Tina Passantino, plus, a different guest co-host every week. The first 3 episodes were live to a huge listener base, much higher than original expectations.

This is all in addition to being a member of the board of directors in his home condo association, voting member of the Country Music Association, member of the Florida Sheriff's Association, among other things.

Alan also has a pet hamster named Daisy. His last hamsters, Lucy and Ethel, and a squirrel who lived near by named Peanut, all became radio show mascot's (of course, voiced by Alan).

You can hear Alan weekly on the Josie Show (, Friday at 8pm Eastern, on Rockin Country (, Monday at 9pm Eastern, and Country Blast Radio ( randomly.
Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter as well!

Computer Repair

Established in 1988 as Island BBS services on Long Island, NY, before the internet was a part of everyones daily life. We began on old Atari and Commodore computers, with dial-in bulletin board systems (which lead to the developement of public internet). as the internet grew, new frontiers were reached, and we became LIWebCo.
Our specialties were computerized music (back then, was only midi), band/artist promotions, bulletin board systems, and fan club/fan management.
As the internet started to grow, We began internet websites, multi-format audio and video, and new 'online' fanclubs, as well as commercial and non-commercial sites for business and personal use. In 2001, we relocated to South Florida.
We provide our services at low cost (well below what most charge) because we believe the internet should not cost people a fortune. We would rather earn our money from your referals than overcharge you as others do.
As companies and business come and go, we are always working with new clients on new idea's. © 1998-2016 Alan Firestone Productions
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