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* Radio Production
* Hosting and Emcee
* Home and Office Networks
* PC Repair and Upgrades
* Data Recovery
* Media Editing and Conversion
* Smart-TV and Device Setups
* Florida Notary Public
* CB/Ham radio tune ups, alignments and repairs
* Home or Office

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*** Available for Host or Emcee of events and parties, contact for more information.
*** Can perform Florida marraige ceromonies - no discrimination - check under Notary Services.
*** Are you a musician or in a band? Lets talk about getting you on radio! contact me!
PC and IT Services - Show us a verifiable quote, and we'll beat the price!
For more information, or discuss job quotes, contact us!
All in-house/office visits are $50/hour ($25/half hour). Visits for price quotes are free. No charge if we cant't fix it.
We only service Palm Beach County, Florida.
Contracts, retainers, and quotes waive these charges.
Hardware repair/upgrades/data recovery
We can replace and upgrade your computer or componants including RAM memory, Harddrives, Bios firmwares, and Operating System (with some installed software).
replacement and upgrade prices are based on actual cost of new equipment, and hourly time required for change.

Hardware repair is limited to hardware that can be repaired, otherwise, will be replaced. Subject to same fee's as replacement and upgrades.

We also build custom desktop PC's (prices are quoted depending on needs).

Data recovery is the retreival of data from a defective or dying harddrive or removable media (If possible). Charges apply if successful or not.
Some data may not be retrievable due to time between initial drive failure and attempt at recovery.
Data recovery often includes drive replacement.

Prices are quoted on Data Retreival depending on time required and if Hard Drive replacement is required.

** Data retreival/restoration can not always be accomplished, dependant on how bad the drive has been damaged. A Data Lab may be required to retrieve lost data in these cases and can run over $350.00 for their services which can take several weeks. Memory upgrades/additions (Ram Memory) is 1 hour (see top of page for hourly rate) plus actual cost of memory
Bios upgrades are 1 hour (see top of page for rate). Bios upgrades are sometimes required on older machines for new operating systems and devices to function
We can determine availability of bios upgrades on the phone with you.
Maintenance Contracts
includes: monthly cleanup of all computers, Software updates, full virus scan, error scan, Hard Drive Diagnosis, Network tune-up (if applicable), ethernet cable check/replacement (if needed/applicable), firmware updates if needed, and Physical cleanup of dust and debris inside computers.
Tune ups can make your computer much faster and more stable, and last much longer!
* Price varies depending on number of computers/servers and home/office and will be quoted on 6 month or 12 month contract.
Windows Upgrade
Windows upgrades are subject to hourly rates (see top of page for price) plus cost of new operating system if not already obtained.
Upgrades from windows versions before Vista are extra (as Earlier versions cannot be directly upgraded to Windows 7 and newer).
Server operating systems are additional.
** Not all computers can be upgraded to newer operating systems, We test computers before upgrading, and create a complete backup prior to upgrade in case of trouble.
Virus detection/Removal
Virus detection and removal is subject to hourly rates (see top of page for prices). Time required to remove a virus can vary depending on type of virus and how much damage it may have caused. Average time is usually 2 hours, and the computer is normally with us for a day or two.
Viruses are removed manually from machine, followed by additional virus scans, and free computer cleanup.
** Viruses can sometimes cause unrepairable damage, we hold no responsability for such damages, or data lost due to virus infection.
Price varies depending on job (Hourly rates included unless quoted).
Wired (10/100 or Gigabit) or wireless networks (wireless G, N, or AC)
Domain or simple-share networks
Multiple networks
** routers, switches, modems, and cables are additional charge as needed. Prices vary depending on cable length, modems speeds, router/switch speeds, number of connections, and number of routers/switches required.
** Wired networks may require installation of jacks, drilling holes to run cables, or tacking cables to baseboards. The method chosen will depend on the location and building where the network is being installed. ** wireless networks may require additional 'access points' to extend signals. Computers may need additional wireless adaptors for faster speeds. Access points and adaptors are additional costs. © 1998-2018 Alan Firestone Productions
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