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notary public florida

* Radio Production
* Hosting and Emcee
* Media Editing and Conversion
* Karaoke
* Smart-TV and Device Setups
* Florida Notary Public
* CB/Ham radio tune ups, alignments and repairs

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*** Available for Host or Emcee of events and parties, contact for more information.
*** Can perform Florida marraige ceromonies - no discrimination - check under Notary Services.
*** Are you a musician or in a band? Lets talk about getting you on radio! contact me!
Production Services
For more information, or discuss job quotes, contact us!
Digital Audio/Video Engineering
Prices vary per job
  • Multiple format conversion, sampling, mixing, and editting
  • Capturing/recording
  • Streaming
  • VHS/DVD dubbing/copying/conversion
    (Legal content only)
  • DVD/CD creation from digital media
    (Legal content only)
    **small low quality video's cannot be converted to DVD clearly

* You must own the rights to Audio/video used, or we can only legally use 30 seconds a per fair usage laws.

Event Livestreaming
Prices vary per job/requirements (Price includes equipment, setup, travel)
  • Audio and Video stream of event (Single Camera)
  • Required high speed Internet Access if not provided (by venue or client)
  • Website coding for stream access by visitors
  • Capture of stream for archiving and/or DVD creation
  • Editting of capture for length, removal of unwanted footage,
    add in of effects and credits for re-distribution
  • Multiple format encoding (Mpeg, Avi, Mov, WMV, flash, MP4/Pocket Video)
  • Audio seperation for MP3/Audio only files (split into tracks)

* Client is responsable for verification of internet access at event location. If high speed internet (required for upstream) is not provided at location of event, satelite broadband will be used and may increase base fee. Internet capabilities must be equal to or higher than Cable/Satelite modem speeds for proper stream bitrates.
* Multiple camera's is possible, requiring additional setup and additional crew for camera operation.
* Event location must have space for equipment and security may be required at some events to prevent equipment theft/Damage.
* Fee's are non-refundable in the event of power loss or internet outtage beyond our control as expenses are still incurred.

Radio Production
We can provide executive producer, producer, sound effects, switchboard operation, Sketch writing, and other various functions required for Radio show productions.
We do not provide guests for your show.
We reserve the right to refuse service for any or no reason.
Radio stations must be licensed and follow DCMA regulations
For further details, please contact us. © 1998-2017 Alan Firestone Productions
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